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Wooden Blinds in a bedroom

Blinds Installation in Bishop's Stortford 

View our range of quality blinds here at Shay's Blinds. All products installed by our experienced team 

More about Our Blinds at Shay's Blinds

At Shay's Blinds, we have a wide range of quality blinds. From Venetian, Roller to Roman blinds, we have something for everyone!

All our blinds are made to measure which makes them fully customisable. You choose the colour, fabric and size and let us install them!

Control the light in your property whilst maintaining both style and sophistication to your windows. 

Contact the team at Shay's Blinds today for a free quote.

All our blinds are fitted to child safety regulations.

Our extensive range of blinds also includes:

  • Pleated blinds

  • Tension Pleated blinds

  • Perfect fit blinds

  • Wooden venetian blinds 

  • Venetian blinds

  • Cassette Blinds

  • Chanel Blinds

  • Vertical blinds, 

  • Roller blinds,

  • Blackout blinds,

  • Roman blinds,

  • Velux window blinds, 

  • Conservatory roof blinds

Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds are a classic blind to add character to your windows. Each venetian blind is created to fit your windows seamlessly. We supply both faux wood and wooden Venetian Blinds.

Venetian Blinds are a great option for any property, with the option to choose the colour and size, rest assured our Venetian Blinds will look right at home in your property. 

To find out more about our Venetian Blinds, get in contact with us here at Shay's Blinds for a free quotation.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

If you want to maintain the light in your property but do not want to compromise on privacy, our Vertical Blinds are for you! 

Coming in a variety of colours and fabrics, the Vertical blinds can be full length or just cover specific windows adding to their versatility

If you want to keep your home nice and bright, but want to keep your home private, get in touch with Shay's Blinds to arrange a quote for Vertical Blinds. 

Roman blinds_edited.jpg

Roller & Roman Blinds

At Shay's Blinds, we offer both Roller and Roman Blinds in a variety of fabrics to compliment your interior design. Roman Blinds are classic, with pleated fabric, they can complement your room perfectly and look stunning in every room! 

Roller Blinds are your more cost-effective option when it comes to controlling the light in your property. Much like our Roman blinds, the roller's also come in a variety of patterns and fabrics. 

To find out more about our Roman and Roller Blinds here at Shay's Blinds, get in touch with us today.

Made to measure blinds

Perfect Fit

Our Perfect Fit Blinds are a brilliant choice if you need blinds to fit a difficult spot in your home.

Connecting directly to the frame, our Perfect Fit Blinds come with relatively low mess which is a bonus for those of you with busy lifestyles! 

To find out more about our range of Perfect Fit Blinds, get in touch with Shay's Blinds today.

Image by Annie Spratt


If light is getting in the way of your 'perfect sleep' you may want to consider investing in Blackout Blinds! 

Our Blackout Blinds are perfect for people who work nights, baby's rooms or if you just want a Sunday lie in! 

To sleep in complete darkness, contact Shay's Blinds today to find out more about our Blackout Blinds. 

*Blackout Blinds do not fully blackout the room, within the trade it is known as a halo of light where the bracket and roller fit, however, this can be avoided with metal channels*

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